How to Prevent and Treat Nappy Rash

How to Prevent and Treat Nappy Rash

Posted by Booty&Co on on 7th Aug 2021

How to Prevent and Treat Nappy Rash. 

As a parent it can be very unsettling when your baby is unwell, or upset. As a new parent, it’s even worse as you are not sure how to make them better!

One of the most common conditions a baby can have is nappy rash. A common rash on a baby’s bottom, it is caused by the skin being in contact with urine and faeces. The severity can vary between infants, with some more susceptible than others. While it is not 100% avoidable for all infants, there are ways you can avoid or minimise the risk.

Let’s dive into learning ways you can help your baby avoid nappy rash and treatments if it does occur.

Ways to Reduce the Chance of Your Baby Getting Nappy Rash

While nappy rash isn’t 100% preventable, you can lower the chance of your baby suffering from it. One of the most important things you can do is to keep their bottom dry. This is done through regular nappy changes and patting their skin dry as you change their nappy. Other ways of reducing their change of developing nappy rash include:

  • use a barrier cream after every nappy change. Provided you have a good wash routine that gets your nappies nice and clean, any residue should wash out of your cloth nappies. You can also use liners while using creams to make sure there’s no residue left behind.
  • make sure the nappy isn’t on too tight: there needs to be some air circulation for the baby’s skin
  • use fragrance free detergents when washing cloth nappies, and avoid using fabric softener
  • rinse nappies well and dry completely
  • avoid using baby wipes which contain chemicals, alcohol or soap: warm water is best
  • use a liner in a cloth nappy, to keep wet away from their skin.
  • have lots of nappy free time!

What Should I Do If My Baby Gets Nappy Rash?

First up, you need to identify if the rash is mild or severe. A mild rash should clear up within three days just by treating the symptoms yourself. A severe rash which is spreading, worsening or causing distress in your baby will need a visit to the doctor.

You can treat nappy rash at home by:

  • changing your baby’s nappy frequently, especially if they have soiled themselves
  • Add an additional insert to the cloth nappy to ensure that there is extra absorption
  • make sure your baby’s skin is kept clean and dry
  • apply a barrier cream to protect your baby’s sensitive skin. The doctor may prescribe a hydrocortisone cream
  • have lots of nappy free time on the floor
  • wash their bottom with warm water at each nappy change.

When your baby starts eating solids, introduce one food at a time. This lets you see which, if any, food flares up their nappy rash and stops you guessing in the dark!