What Is Menstruation & What Feminine Hygiene Products Are Available?

What Is Menstruation & What Feminine Hygiene Products Are Available?

Posted by Booty&Co on on 12th Aug 2021

What is menstruation & What feminine hygiene products are available? 

Periods, a blessing and in some cases a curse. Our menstruation cycle occurs monthly in most cases. This occurs when the lining of the uterus thickens and the ovaries release an egg for fertilization. Health line statistics show the common age for this to begin is 11-14 with menopause beginning around the age of 51. The average menstruation cycle is 24-38 days, and lasts 4-8 days. These statistics do indeed vary from information source but this is a good example. This information can help to explain the differences you may have with many women in your life.

Menstruation symptoms vary widely from women to women and impact upon day to day living differently. Other factors can also contribute to your symptoms and understanding what is and isn't normal can be hard. I found a great link from Family Planning NZ which can help you to understand some of these symptoms and why they happen. I also advise a chat with your local Nurse or GP if you are worried or things have recently changed for you.

Everyone has a personal preference when it comes to managing their flow. Whether it's light, steady, heavy or ruuuun a tsunami is coming. Knowing the feminine hygiene product options that are available is important. Thankfully we live in a changing world with a growing range of products which are easily accessible to us.

First of all...You do you! Use what makes you feel comfortable and what suits your lifestyle. This blog is not suggesting you change, but is here to simply educate.

There is a variety of options available that are either disposable or reusable. Some common and others not so commonly discussed.

Disposable Options:

A disposable option is a one time use product that is disposed of after use. These are convenient and found at most supermarkets and shops. Pricing does vary depending on your choice. Here is a list of examples,

Reusable Options:

All reusable products should be cleaned/washed appropriately after every use. I have attached a link to CCN for you to read a bit more about this. These products can be more expensive upfront but once you have enough and given they are cared for correctly will last years and save significant amounts of money and landfill overtime. Here is a list of examples,

Too often we find periods are not discussed, it's an embarrassing subject for some or is a time they would much rather forget. If you have any questions or need more information feel free to message us anytime! We want to ensure you are getting the best product for you and it can be pretty scary when you first start looking. 

We have a range of reusable products, if you're wanting to switch up or stock up.