Butternut Printed Cloth Nappy

Butternut Printed Cloth Nappy

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Pocket Nappies in a whole array of stunning colours. These prints are too nice to cover up. In summer they look gorgeous on their own.

These nappies are lined with Bamboo Charcoal. What is that you may ask? 

This fabric is “Bamboo Charcoal Polyester Fleece” (it is an engineered poly fleece that has had charcoal added to it using nano technology before it is spun into fibre. The bamboo part of the name is because the charcoal is from burnt bamboo.

  • Waterproof PUL outer and lovely soft lining with bamboo charcoal to wick moisture away from babies skin for dry feel.  
  • Adjustable fit makes this nappy “one size fits most”Same nappy fits new born to toddler (3-15kgs)

You can add a single 4 Layer Bamboo/Cotton Insert to this nappy, or you can find other Butternut Baby Insert options HERE

If you need a hand message us anytime or Butternut Baby has some great advice around Fitting and washing dedicated to their nappies HERE


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